Digital potentiometer control principle

Digital potentiometer is a digital-analog mixed signal processing integrated circuit made by CMOS process, also known as numerically programmable resistor. The numerical control method is used to adjust the resistance value, and polysilicon or thin-film resistance materials are used, so that it has the characteristics of flexible use, high adjustment accuracy, no contact, and low noise. At the same time, it has the advantages of small size, saving printed board space, easy installation, not easy to be stained, anti-vibration, anti-interference, long life, and not easily affected by ambient temperature.

Digital potentiometers have been widely used in various fields such as health care equipment, instrumentation, communication equipment, industrial control, household appliances, digital products and so on. Digital potentiometer is a new device with development prospects. Compared with mechanical potentiometers, it has many advantages and can replace mechanical potentiometers in many fields. In any field where resistance is used for parameter adjustment, calibration or control, a digital potentiometer can be used to form a programmable analog circuit for further adjustment.

Digital potentiometer product characteristics: produced using the principle of the sensor, with good linearity, accuracy and temperature stability. The software is used to realize the function, and it can be customized according to the change of use requirements. The working mode is non-contact, avoiding the wear of traditional potentiometer, long life and high reliability. Due to the elimination of the brush substrate in the traditional potentiometer, the effective stroke reaches 360 °, enabling measurement without blind spots.

There are many types of output signals (0-5V / 0-10V / 4-20mA / serial digital signal output), which is convenient for signal acquisition and processing. The effective stroke and output signal can be changed through software to meet various special requirements. Wide application range and flexible use.

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