The difference between stepper motor and servo motor

Stepper motors and servo motors are the two most widely used products in the field of industrial control, and their cores are stepper motor controllers and servo motor controllers. This article will explain the difference between these two devices.

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Working principle

Stepper motor controller: It is an electronic product capable of sending uniform pulse signals. After the signal it sends into the stepper motor driver, it will be converted into a strong current signal required by the stepper motor by the driver to drive the stepper motor . The stepper motor controller can accurately control the stepper motor to rotate through every angle. The driver receives a pulse signal. Each time a pulse is received, the driver will give the motor a pulse to rotate the motor through a fixed angle. Because of this feature, the stepper motor will be widely used in various industries now.

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Servo motor controller: It is a controller used to control the servo motor. Its function is similar to that of the inverter on ordinary AC motors. It is part of the servo system and is mainly used in high-precision positioning systems. Generally, the servo motor is controlled by three methods of position, speed and torque to achieve high-precision transmission system positioning. It is currently a high-end product of transmission technology.

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